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Our plan is to write some material,, but this time we wrote about html material will continue, we intentionally made a material that is easy to learn and understand the people who want to read it. For those of you who did not understand the programming language but want to be, frequently visit my blog, so that we can better understand the language and, wherever possible I will always update the useful knowledge.

For the master programmer, not a portion of this post you will but not in remehin yes, but if you come to read and understand it anymore kasi we are grateful because you've been on our blog, then give correction if an error occurs, disseminate knowledge we may be blessing and helpful to others.

For the first step or the first matter, the things we have to prepare are:
  1. Computing devices, of course, then the text editor application. Editplus example, notepad + +, Dreamweaver and others, the most simple we can use notepad. Default of windows, open through the start - programs - accesories - notepad. I use notepad + + so its colorful text faster memahaminyadan we remember.
  2. You do not need to buy expensive books just to learn about the foundation you read enough blogs on the internet, but if you have a book about html, then it's very helpful.

HTML RECOGNITIONHTML is short for Hyper Text Markup Language is a programming language used to create or make a web design, or we can translate a basis for making a website.
HTML is not the only language used, but HTML is the standard language that is recognized by all browsers, allowing the web can be accessed either by all internet users. In addition, it can also be inserted in the html with other languages, such as CSS, Javascript, PHP and others.The general form of html programming structure is as follows:

 <head><title>Write the title of yourHere</ title></ Head>
 <body>Program content html, css, javascript, php orSuch as inserting tables, images and another as his</ Body>
 </ Html>

The code in bold above must exist, if there is no code then the page that we want to create will never appear or error. including the opening html tag (<html>) and closing html tag (</ html>). Application used to create html program is also very much, the simplest can use notepad which is inherited from the windows operating system. Can also use a text editor, such as edit plus, notepad plus, dreamweaver and others. Every program created and stored in the format extension (index.htm) or it could be in write (index.html) so that the results can be viewed in a browser ...

For the lazy writing, please download here 

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